Industrial noise control is one of Flexshield’s biggest strengths. In fact we are Australasia's leading supplier and installer for Industrial noise control and environmental noise control products. Furthermore our noise control engineering expertise has led to the development on many innovative soundproofing products. Industrial noise reduction is crucial as workplace noise is a major cause of hearing loss in New Zealand. It contributes to social isolation, a reduced quality of life, increased absenteeism, decreased production output and a lowered work performance. It also leads to workplace injuries and accidents.

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Acoustic Enclosures

Flexshield manufactures supplies and installs a complete range of acoustic enclosures

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors for a peaceful solution to every acoustic application.

Acoustic Curtains

Soundproof curtains and screens provide maximum noise reduction and soundproofing.

Acoustic Louvres

Sonic acoustic louvres are the ideal solution when aesthetics are as important as noise reduction and/or ventilation.


Acoustic attenuators are needed when it is necessary to control noise and still provide the required airflow for your application.

Mobile Panels

Mobile noise control panels or screens are an excellent and cost effective choice for treating modest noise problems.

Noise Walls

Acoustic or noise control walls are effective method for dividing up factories and workplaces to create “quiet areas”

Noise Barriers

Flexshield  noise barriers control noise by blocking the transmission of sound energy and absorbing vibrations.


Sonic acoustic baffles, suspended from the roof, are used to control reverberation of noise within a building or work space.

Acoustic Foams

Sonicsorber acoustic polyester and foams to suit all noise absorption projects

Modular Panels

Flexshield is the leading manufacturer, supplier and installer for modular soundproof acoustic panel systems.

Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexshield PVC sound barriers control noise by stopping the transmission ( attenuating ) and also absorbing some of the vibration energy.

Temporary Sonic Curtains

The Sonic Curtain is manufactured to provide a temporary noise reduction screen around plant sites or enclosures around industrial noisy procedures such as demolition works.

Temporary Noise Control Curtains

Soundproof Curtains provide a temporary noise barrier on work sites. They are easily hung from temporary fencing, scaffolding or hoarding and are quick and simple to install.






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